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Who we are

We're Homesshop - north america and HomesshopUK the trading sites of CHS (Cookerco Home Supplies). CHS is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Cooker Co. 

We're a UK based business that started unsurprisingly selling cookers and ovens within the UK. That quickly expanded to selling cookware across central Europe mainly via Amazon and eBay. Increasingly we found that our customers were asking for a wider range of products than we actually sold, therefore the concept of Homes Shop was born.


We sell a broad range of quality Home Deco, Cookware, Lighting and Furniture for your Home and Gardens products to the US and Canada, almost all of which are sourced within the US or Europe. As our knowledge and experience of the North American market, and trusted suppliers, increase we will seek to adjust the mix of European sourced products to concentrate on US and Canada based products. And in doing so build a sustainable business on both sides of the pond with excellent customer service.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you find what you're looking for and come back soon.

Plants and Candles

We are committed to ethical trading and whereever possible we seek to source products that do not unduly impact on the environment. We fully support human dignity and operate anti racist or bigotry company policies and ask our customers and suppliers to support this commitment.