Leopard Print DoDog Bed 10cm HD Foam Mattress Removable Fleece Cover

Leopard Print DoDog Bed 10cm HD Foam Mattress Removable Fleece Cover

SKU: leopard-print-dodog-bed-10cm-h505910640

High Density Memory Foam Dog Pet Bed Mattress With Leopard Print Removable Fleece Cover

Luxurious quality High Density Memory Foam Dog Bed. Give your pet or dog the perfect place place to lounge and enjoy. The high density foam is encased in a Waterproof Covering with an outer Removable dog pet bed cover made from A grade quality fleece with Velcro style hard grip Fastening. Once the pad is encased in the waterproof lining it prevents flea and tick infestation, To clean the inner waterproof lining simply wipe down with a sponge etc. The cover is machine washable at 30 degrees.

  • Pressure relieving high density foam to create a bed that your dog will love.
  • Our Fleece Dog Bed covers are larger than the High Density Foam thus mimicing the sensation of pawing at loose earth which dogs just love doing!.
  • Most dogs can't rip through our Polar Fleece Dog Cover Material
  • Rectangular in shape, giving your dog more space to lounge.
  • Easy to Wash, just simply remove cover and wash at 30 degrees ad dry.
  • hard Grip Fastening Removable Cover. We recommend that you purchase a spare dog bed cover so that when one is being washed and dryed or is spolied to much then you can quickly replace the cover immediately.
  • Available Colors: Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Beige Check, Black, Black Sherpa, Blue Check, Brown Check, Camoflage Green, Cream Check, Cream Sherpa, Green Check, Leopard Print, Navy Plaid, Red Check, Red, White Sherpa, Wine, Zebra Print
  • Available Sizes: Medium (10cm x 66cm x 84cm), Large (10cm x 76cm x 114cm), X-Large (10cm x 83cm x 135cm)