Retro Desktop Flip Clock

Retro Desktop Flip Clock

SKU: retro-desktop-flip-clock

This retro-look clock combines high precision electronics with steam punk design thanks to its exposed workings and gear operated flip swatches. The base, spine, and frame are all metal solid, while the flip down number swatches have been fashioned from extra durable acrylic for a desk clock meets work of art. When you need to adjust the time, the turn dial is conveniently situated on the right side of the clock while the battery housing has room for a single D battery for months and months of cool clock functioning. Perfectly placed next to your computer as well as the perfect gift for friends and family you're having trouble buying for.


- Made from non corrosive stainless steel, durable and fashion retro style

- Requires no manual to operate, just set the time and let the internal gear operated mechanism constantly update the time.

- Flip Down Minute and Hour Display, Easy to read numbers

- 12 Hour AM/ PM Clock

- Gear operated time machinery

- Accurate quartz movement


Size: 8.3x3.1x6.3 inch / 21x8x16 cm

Weight: 0.88lb / 0.4kg

Power Source: 1 x D Battery (not included, usually could last for 5-6 months)

Wash Installation Steps:

1. Install or demolition PVC only one blade, and please remember the position.

2. Demolition blade, please remove the blade of one foot first, and then remove the other foot.

3. You can clean the PVC blade.

4. Install the blade to the original position. Please put one foot into the hole of the blade inside, then put a little bend at the blade, and the other foot into another hole inside it.

5. The reference to the vertical position of the blade, according to the order in accordance with other blades.

6. If the blade is damaged, please image this blade ,and then I will reshipping the new blade.

Please allow 7-20 days for US delivery and 7-35 days for international delivery.