CHS aims to provide excellent customer service whilst maintaining competitive pricing. Our Returns and Refunds Policies reflect these dual ambitions. Wherever possible we will recognise that changes occur in peoples perception of a product or their circumstances. We therefore have developed this Returns Policy to comply with peoples Statutory Rights and to build an excellent customer experience when shopping via Homesshopuk.com or Homesshop-northamerica.com

In recognition of our need to  control costs, and provide competitively priced products we have ensured that our returns processes and procedures are fair and transparent but place a degree of responsibility on you as the consumer to select, purchase, receive and maintain products in a diligent manner and in the product manufacturers guidance.




If you've changed your mind about  a purchase please contact us within 24hrs of making the purchase, via our customer.services@homesshopuk.com, and before it has been dispatched for a full refund including any surcharges paid for delivery (please see our Refunds Policy for Terms and Conditions).


IMPORTANT: Once the product has been dispatched you are responsible for the shipping costs associated with the delivery and return of the product


If following delivery you choose not to keep your purchase, you MUST contact us within 14 days via customer.services@homesshopuk.com, We will issue you a Cancellation Notice and a return address. You are responsible for the costs of returning the item to us. Please ensure that you return it in its original condition with proof of purchase, and all associated components, manuals and instructions. PLEASE NOTE: If the product includes free items,  books, tools or equipments etc then these items must be returned at the same time.


If notified within the 14 day period starting from the purchase date, we operate a no quibble policy for accepting cancellations, therefore when we receive the returned items, as described above, we will refund the full cost of the purchase minus the shipping costs. 


If a Cancellation request is made between 14 & 20 days, from the date of purchase, then the refund amount is reduced by 50% of the original purchase price.


We do not accept cancellation requests after 20-days.

IMPORTANT: Certain products are exempt from this Cancellation offer due Supplier restocking conditions or for Special Order items. Product Descriptions include details of Cancellation arrangements for individual products. Please ensure that you read these before purchasing products.


Cancellation summary:

You may cancel your order within 14 working days for the day following purchase subject to the following conditions:


For all cancellations:

  • You can cancel your purchase within 24 hrs in writing via email and get a full refund including all surcharge payments.

  • You must cancel in writing within 14 working days from purchase.

  • Cancellation requests received between 14 - 20 days will result in a reduced refund of 50% of the purchase price not including any shipping or surcharge payments.

  • You are responsible for the cost of sending back the goods to us.

  • You have a statutory duty to take care of the goods. Damage or distress caused or allowed by you to the product may void your right to return the product.


Please note: You have a duty to take care of the goods.



It is your responsibility to ensure that all returned goods, due to Cancellation, are returned in good order and are not damaged, worn, scratched, modified or missing any of the supplied equipment, manuals and accessories. Where the goods are damaged or incomplete the cancellation request will be rejected and goods returned to you, subject to receipt of the appropriate shipping cost.


We will not process any refund payments until we are in receipt of the returned goods. We therefore recommend that goods are returned via a recorded method of delivery as proof of return may be required. For your protection, we further recommend the goods are insured in case of damage during return transit. N.B. You are responsible for the security and safety of the goods until they are received and accepted by us.


In recognition of the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015, FTC & OCA requirements, we are aware that as a consumer, you have legal rights in relation to products which are faulty or not as expected. We are further aware that we have a legal duty to supply products that meet these requirements and that they are of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as expected. 




When delivery takes place you must fully check the item prior to signing. If you do not do so and sign to say that it is ok and acceptable. then any transit damage identified afterwards cannot be claimed. 


Our Returns Policy means that we will accept the product back If however you have signed to say that the product was OK at delivery then you are responsible for the costs of returning the product to us. Please contact us immediately via customer.services@homesshopuk.com with a description of the fault or damage and any photographic supporting evidence you have. Subject to the nature of the defects we will either arrange for a repair, replacement or return and refund (at no cost to you). Damage or defects identified beyond 14-days may not be accepted for Return or Refund, subject to an investigation as to the nature of the defect.


In the unlikely event that an item has received significant damage during transit please refuse delivery. Ensure the reason is recorded and witnessed by the Delivery operative and provide photographic evidence.




The manufacturers will supply a warranty in addition to your rights under the UK Sales of Goods Act.  Defects that occur, during the warranty period, may be covered under the Manufacturers Warranty or your Installers warranty, if applicable. 


To ensure manufacturer warranty coverage REGISTER your equipment with the manufacturer in line with the guidance supplied with your equipment. This should be done as soon as possible after delivery of the product. For the majority of products Manufacturers will provide a 1, 2, 5 or occasionally 10 year warranty coverage of all parts and labour, or in some cases, it may be extended to by the manufacturer.  In most cases the Warranty coverage is based on you complying with the guidance supplied by the Manufacturer. Where a defect occurs on a product, when you report the defect to us we will seek assurances that the product is registered with the Manufacturer and that you have made contact with that Manufacturer to report the defect


Installation related defects - most manufacturers will exclude defects that result from installation errors. It is therefore essential that you use Installers that are appropriately qualified and have the necessary insurances, or warranty coverage for claims regarding installation defects.



Refunds are made to customers following approved cancellations or for defective goods. In both cases you must contact us within 14-days of purchase to receive a full refund of the purchase price of the product. Please note: If the product has been delivered then any surcharge payments will not be refunded. This is due to the fact that surcharges are paid to our courier service for the initial delivery and are not retained by CHS


Refunds will only be made to the PURCHASER of the product on production of a PROOF OF PURCHASE. It is essential that if the product is given as a gift that the Purchaser retains the Proof of Purchase so that this can be forwarded to us as part of the Cancellation request evidence. No CASH refund is available.


Reduced refunds will apply to Cancelled Purchases that are notified to us between 14 days and 30 days from the purchase date. The reduced refund will be based on 50% of the original product purchase cost excluding VAT and Surcharges.


Full Purchase Price refunds will be made to customer who notify us of cancellations within 14-days and return the products intact and in good condition with all components, books, free issue items and manuals to us. NOTE: Delivery Surcharges will not be refunded unless the Cancellation Notification occurs within 24-hours of the purchase.


Defective equipment related refunds will be paid at the the full purchase price plus any surcharges paid once we have established that the equipment was damaged in transit, you have followed all manufacturers guidance requirements relating to warranty coverage and we have been notified within 14-days of purchase.


Subject to the nature of any defects replacement equipment or repairs may be offered in-lieu of a refund offer.


Refunds, returns and exchanges can only be processed with proof of purchase. This can be the sales receipt, a bank statement or an online sales invoice.


Special Order Appliances:


Special Order items can only be returned if faulty. 


Please ensure that you have measured the installation location to ensure that it is suitable for this appliance and that there is a compliant electrical, gas or water service available before purchasing Special Order Appliances. For detailed advise and guidance please contact customer.service@cookerco.com


Due to arrangements with our suppliers, some Special Order Appliances will have extended dispatch durations. If you are purchasing a Special Order Appliance please contact us for information on the precise delivery arrangements for your appliance. 


Please note that certain replacement products will vary significantly from the normal dispatch times, and are subject to Supplier/Manufacturer stock levels.

3rd Party Suppliers

Wherever possible, when selling within North American, we we utilise local suppliers. No only does this benefit local economies but also reduces shipping costs. When returning products to these 3rd Party Suppliers it is ESSENTIAL that you read that Supplier's Returns Policy as stated in the Product Description headed 3rd Party Supplier - Returns Policy. This Supplier Policy supersedes all CHS Policy statements regarding Returns and Refunds