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Homesshop-northamerica ships products from US or UK based suppliers. Shipping rates and durations reflect this dual sourcing approach. Wherever possible if we can source a product from a US supplier we will do so to reduce the shipping costs. 


Some of our Furniture products are also delivered directly from the Manufacturer or Distributer. Time scales for dispatch and delivery are shown within the product details. These details are for guidance only as we are subject to the system, processes and procedures for each Manufacturer or Distributer and cannot influence the actual dispatch of individual products. You will be kept in the loop as to the the exact expected date for dispatch and to gain information on your availability to accept the delivery.


We dispatch orders across Europe from our eBay and Amazon sites and have therefore gained significant experience of the reliability of different delivery organisations. Based on this experience for products shipped from the UK we now utilise either ParcelForcel or logistic agents P4D (Packages for Delivery).  UK Royal Mail maybe used for small UK parcel deliveries whilst we utilise P4D and ParcelForce for everything else. US and Canada shipping is organised by our Suppliers who use a range of shipping partners.

In the vast majority of cases you will be issued with a tracking number so that you can track the progress of your order yourself. Where products come directly from the Manufacturer no tracking information will be attached to the order.


Certain bulky or heavy orders may be subject to delivery surcharges.  These Surcharges are levied by delivery companies for delivering large items to remote locations. Where Surcharges may apply these will be identified on the Product Page associated with delivery of the specific product. Typically this can be for large pieces of furniture, some garden equipment or any product of 30kg or over.

Please Note: If a Surcharge applies to a product you will be asked to identify the area that you require the product to be delivered to determine if a Surcharge is applicable and if so at what level. 

IMPORTANT: Surcharges are not retained by CHS, they are paid to the delivery agent when arranging the delivery. Surcharge payments are non-refundable for cancellations or returns. 

3rd Party Suppliers

We are currently using three 3rd Party Suppliers Sprocket,  Modalyst and Geko. Each organisation has different shipping partners and terms and conditions. Wherever possible we have included the general details of their shipping arrangements in the Product details however the specifics will be based on your location, size and complexity of the product and their specific terms and conditions for dispatch. We will endeavour to to provide these details, where requested via


US & Canada shipping rates for UK shipped products are "Group" based according to a range of sizes and weights of products within that group, as follows:

  • Group A - $10

  • Group B - $35

  • Group C - $60

  • Group Z - Free Shipping

US & Canada shipping rates for US based products will have costs set by the Supplier and this will be shown in the Product Descriptions.